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That  ‘tell me about yourself’ question. Usually a question neither the target, or the asker really enjoys. A decisive, pressure filled moment where someone decides if you are interesting or are left thinking – ‘wow, if you were a spice you would probably be flour’. The short answer is that I’m a freelance writer who loves video games. No, that doesn’t mean I’m home in my sweatpants playing games all the time (Come on! I’m 25, an adult, with responsibilities… Alright, you caught me – I’m in my sweatpants… and playing Pokemon. Don’t look at me.)

Joking aside – as a person – I’m an enthusiastic, fun and hard working content creator who loves being creative. I focus on generating online content related to game news articles, design theory, story telling and self development. Games are about being in a comfortable and safe space, expressing and understanding what makes you unique – and I genuinely believe learning about games should be just as fun as playing them.

Game Journalism

Articles, reviews and retrospectives! Alongside freelance writing

Freelance Requests

Feel free to contact me linked to written freelance work, articles, essays and more

Essays & Creaive Writing

Written explorations of video game theory, lore content and educational analysis

Youtube - Coming Soon-

Focused on exploring various aspects of the video game creative process

Podcast - Coming soon -

Join me and occasionally my friends: Talking about games and creative stuff

Digital Art

You can find my work on Instagram and here on my website. Asset art, character design etc,

-Youtube channel coming soon-

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gaming lore, breakdowns, essays & news