Let's learn to draw together!

YouTube is the main place you’ll be able to follow what I am working on – where I post video content and stream practice sessions. You can expect to find subjects such as artistic fundamentals, artist vlogs, character/games design and much more. My content is later uploaded to my website and socials. 

This is more of a personal goal, but one I am excited about! Having had a bit of a rough patch when it came to inspiration and desire to draw – I am glad to have that spark back and want to see how far I can go in one year. 

Becoming a content creator is the perfect way for me to reach out and make new friends as well as learn from many of awesome artists in my community. Hopefully my videos and illustrations will inspire people to tackle learning art no matter their age or skill level.

I think the idea of vlogging and being able to look back on your day-to-day life is a interesting concept. I want to be able to see the journey I am on and use it as inspiration when I feel I’ve not come far enough.