Hello! I’m RonBurg. 

Freelance Illustrator, Digital Artist, Content Creator, Tutor/Speaker, Character Designer, World Building, Table-Top Player & Youtuber. 

about me

A UK based freelance illustrator and content creator, initially studying media and film before I got my Masters degree in Games Design. I’m currently working as a tutor teaching young students to create awesome worlds.

When I’m not drawing, I’m playing video 


In my work I particularly enjoy coming up with monsters, strange stories, science fiction, weird creatures and atmospheric fantasy. Combining a love of cinema with my ‘monster-manual’ of a brain to create a unique visual atmosphere, searching the right graphic approach that can really enhance the reader’s immersion into the story.

In addition to my illustration work – I have a great eye for graphic design, academic writing, video editing and games design. Check out my Portfolio & Journal for more!