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Freelance, Essays, Theory, Digital Art

-Academic Portfolio -


Masters Degree and beyond

This section consists primarily of academic essays from my honours and masters degree. These essays vary from contextual studies, to more focused video game theory explorations and discussions. I’ll be uploading more essays within my blog.

-Game Article Examples-


Journalism & Reviews

These are some examples of my article writing, from during my Masters as well as content for other organisations. With my article writing, I am always aiming to keep things interesting and fun! For my personal and current work check out my blog here.

-Concept Art & Illustration-

Digital Art

Photoshop, Maya Sketchbook

This section covers digital art. This gallery focuses on concept art as well as illustration, sketches or design work linked to games or for fun. I’m proficient in adobe photoshop mainly, but have experience with other programmes and traditional sketching – mainly for idea generation.

-Photography Portfolio-


Digital - reference, creative

This final section covers photography. I first started to explore photography in order to generate my own reference for drawing, but its quickly grown on me as another creative outlet. Both video-editing and  photography are skills I am excited to explore more as my Youtube channel takes off – Additionally they are both useful skills for any creative content creator.

All displayed images, essays and images belong to me, please ask permission before using and if approved please credit where used. Thank you.

-Youtube channel coming soon-

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